Albert Spinelli


Nationality: Italian
Age: 20
Occupation: SAVE Founder, Textile Merchant
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: None known
Other Notes: Albert discovered the Communicative Arts


Albert Spinelli was born in Venice, Italy on March 12, 1834.The records of his early life has been lost during the destruction of the Dublin SAVE Archives.

From the evidence, we know that he was an Italian Merchant specializing in British textiles. His business often took him to Ireland to conduct shipping contracts with local textile mills.

It is unclear exactly when he met Charles O’Banyon, but it was prior to 1854. We know that Albert was one of the founding members of SAVE in that year.

Albert developed the Communicative Arts, and as a result he was critical in the early success of the Society. His investigations carries him to the Jungles of Central Africa, where it is believed he perished.

In 1874, a group of SAVE envoys discovered his prized society necklace adorning a bone altar in a native village near the Ebola River.

The few bones that could be identified as his were shipped back to Venice, Italy in 1875, where he was interred in his family crypt. In Early 1876, it was determined that the spirit of Albert Spinelli was murdering his surviving family members.

His spirit was exorcised and his only surviving family member, his youngest Son, Gregory Spinelli, was adopted by a family friend.

The Spinelli family involvement with SAVE ended due to this tragic event.

Albert Spinelli

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