Affiliation: None
Nationality: Norwegen
Age: 38
Occupation: Seer
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: N/A
Distinguishing Marks: Aja has had her eyes removed and the orbits filled with the Sands of Time. Afterwards her eyelids were sewn closed.


Aja was born into the Tribe of the Danes, sometime around 600 AD. It is unclear what her life was like then, but it is believed that she began having prophetic visions shortly after her thirteenth Birthday.

It is known that she advised the legendary Harald Bluetooth and his descendant Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Even after the Christianization of Denmark in 960 AD, she continued to provide advice to the Danish Monarchy as well as to other individuals of influence.

At some point around 1066, sources reveal that Aja was with William of Normandy during his invasion of England. It is unclear whether her presence was voluntary or if she had been taken prisoner.

It has been discovered that she also had interactions with Canute the Great. She seems to have disappeared from history at some time shortly after their last appearance.

Aja is proficient in many spoken languages, and despite her ability to see the future, she can only do so when it does not directly relate to herself. It was revealed that the loss of her eyes took place at the behest of Cyprus Archer, and was carried out by Indra Dietrich, who consumed them in an unsuccessful attempt to gain some of Aja’s power.

Cyprus then had the empty eye sockets filled with the Sands of Time which he had stolen from an ancient hourglass once possessed by the Egyptian priest Imhotep. Her eye lids were then sewn closed to prevent the sands from escaping.

The addition of the sands increased Aja’s already formidable power. Cyprus then held her prisoner and has forced her to use her power on his behalf. He has been holding her prisoner for the last two years.

It was Aja who remarked to Cyprus that a new SAVE office was forming at the Vatican and that the same newly formed office would someday be his downfall.

It is surmised that the Vatican Save office would never have been formed had it not been for Aja’s warning to Cyprus. It was this warning that prompted him to attack the individual future members of the Office and as a result brought them together to form the Vatican office as a means of mutual defense.


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