Agnez Genovich


Nationality: Armenian
Age: 22
Occupation: Shop Keeper
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Agnez Genovich is the owner and proprietor of La Rarita , a small curiosities shop located just a few blocks west of the Vatican City border. She met Oliver Merbach in 1936. She lives in the apartments behind the store, while Oliver lives upstairs.

She is the daughter of an Italian Ballerina and an Armenian Porcelain Merchant. He mother dies in 1932 from Tuberculosis. Her father was executed as a spy by Russian Authorities in 1934.

Her father established the shop prior to his death, and Agnez has continued to operate the shop since his death. She has found business difficult lately, and as a result has made some connections with questionable people.

As a result of these connections. Her shop remains protected from burglary, extortion and danger in return for limited money laundering and storage services.

Agnez Genovich

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