“We are punished for our transgressions. Bad Karma begets bad karma within the cycle of life. Only by performing those acts that gather positive Karma, can we transcend our past and be once again transcendent.”


Aggadah is a rarely encountered member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. His role within the organization is poorly understood, although it is believed that he only tentatively works with the group from time to time.

Although rare, encounters with him seem to be primarily solo affairs, in places where Other Denarii have proven unlikely to frequent. In most instances, Aggadah tends to prefer to work within regions immediately surrounding the Indian subcontinent. In the few instances when he has been encountered outside the borders of that region, he has almost always inhabited an individual with Indo-Aryan heritage.

Surprisingly unlike most Denarii, Aggadah tends to avoid violent, immoral or even amoral acts. His self-proclaimed interests seem to be channeled into the pursuit of spiritual growth and enlightenment.
His preferred vessel, therefore are those people seeking personal enlightenment, most with violent or irrational behaviors in their past. It seems that unlike most creatures of his kind he offers his vessels assistance in controlling their more impulsive impulses, thus improving their life through positive actions by suppressing unwanted behavior and acts.

In this way, Aggabah is a very difficult member of the order to locate, track and deal with, especially since his actions do not tend to be of the sort that draws negative attention from the Venatori or the Knights of the Cross.

Due to his fairly germane nature, Aggabah has been allowed to continue his freedom, mostly because unlike other Denarii, Aggobah does not seem to be interested in direct complete control of the hosts, instead allowing them complete free will, and acting as a sort of conscience or guiding voice to prevent others potential unwanted behavior.

Among his reputed abilities is the ability to allow his vessel unparalleled physical abilities, including exceptional agility, stamina and resistance to injury. It is also believed that he possesses the ability to see using the third eye, and also to be able to read the surface thoughts of those nearby. This makes him very difficult Denarii to surprise.


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