Nationality: British
Age: 41
Occupation: Spiritualist
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 205
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Adolis is a member of the esoteric group The 9, a small group of thaumaturgists working as a group for the purpose of spiritual consulting.

Adonis is a transmorgraphist, a form of thaumaturgy that allows him to transform his body, or the body of others into a variety of materials. When he does so, his body assumes all the properties of the materials assumed. despite these adjustments to his own body, he is still capable of movement and animation, even when the materials should not normally be capable of such movement or flexibility.

In 1936, when assisting the members of the Vatican City SAVE Office, he found himself under the influence of a powerful book, the Galdrabok, which caused him to come into direct conflict with SAVE Envoys during an investigation.

He was involved in the death of Alec Sahib Roy in September 1935.


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