Achcauhtlihuemaccoaxoachacoatl, who name means Leader-king of the Serpent Flower Snake , is a Quetzal, one of the ancient winged serpents worshiped as a god of benevolence throughout the Mesoamericas. He is best known as quetzalcoatl in the Aztec mythos. After being made aware of his presence in Rome, Oliver and Liberty secured a meeting with him in order to ask for some assistance in dealing with a Bound Abomination and a Soul Stealer operating in the city.

After performing a rite of dedication and presenting him with exquisite gifts of cinnamon truffles and saffron, he heard their plea and offered them either knowledge or favor to aid them. After a brief discussion, the two chose favor, and as a result they were presented with a Gourd filled with a potent liquor that granted them limited invulnerability once used by Jaguar warriors. This concoction, known as Peytuli, would prove critical in their future success.

The Quetzal resided at the top of an underground Aztec pyramid buried deep beneath the Bank of Mexico office in Rome. The Pyramid rivaled the famed Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico for size. To access the underground temple, you must take an elevator from the lobby of the bank and use a special key to access the floor needed.



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