Monster Hunters International (MHI)

1936 Season 1, Episode 11

Act 1: Wedding Bells are Ringing

The Group had assembled for the marriage between Elsa Mannhoff and Hans “Oliver” Erich Merbach which was taking place at the Teatro Reale dell’Opera owned by Liberty Rothe.

As the ceremony progressed, the event was crashed by the arrival of Cyprus Archer, Indra Dietrich, Mortimer Stroud and Emeric Dane. Thy had come to congratulate Oliver on his wedding day, even bringing a gift for the newly weds.

Their stay was short, but it made many of the members uneasy. Once they had left and Elsa was properly distracted, Luca opened the gift to reveal the severed head of Josef Vestand. Uncertain about the motivation of providing Oliver with the head, it was decided that the grisly trophy should be secured in the Luca’s workshop in the basement of the Library of Esoteric Studies on the Vatican grounds.

Act 2: Know your Enemy

after Archer’s departure, Belkino of the The 9 approached the members of the Vatican City SAVE Office, at the wedding venue, to request assistance with the elimination of a pack of werewolves that he had been tracking for approximately a week.

According to him, he had been approached by a worker at a Children’s Orphanage located outside the western edge of the city of Rome. Three children had been taken in midday from the school yard and once all normal efforts to locate them had failed, they made contact with the 9.

Belkino spent a week attempting to track the attackers, finding tufts of wolves hair interspersed with the tracks of normal men. The individuals responsible had taken great pains to hide their tracks and mask their scent, leading Belkino to believe that there was a pack of Werewolves, specifically Loup Garou, in the area.

After some time, he realized there were roughly six of them, and had tracked them to their apparent lair at the Chapel of Our Glorious Lady, an abandoned church, damaged by an earthquake thirty years prior. Realizing he could not handle that many at once, he came to request the assistance of SAVE.

Looking at the lunar Cycle Calendar, he realized that the werewolves would be at their most powerful the following night, as it coincided with a Full moon Event.

Elsa was already inebriated so Liberty had her escorted to the hotel, to await Oliver’s arrival later that night. This freed Oliver up for assisting with the Assault.

Act 3: Going to the Chapel

Before heading to the Chapel, the group made their way back to the Library, to collect items made or containing silver. Since they were well aware of the weaknesses that Loup Garou possessed, they had little need for more advanced preparation.

Belkino arrived after about an hour, and filled in the gap missing weapons, before aiding the group in reaching the location of the pack’s lair.

Parking the Murta roughly a mile away, the group split into smaller pairs, to better allow them to approach the damaged structure from multiple directions at the same time.

As they closed the distance, they realized two important facts. First, that the pack was already eating one of the kidnapped children and second, that there were eight creatures not six. It seemed that a pair of them had remained in the Chapel and so had left no tracks for Belkino to follow or use to determine their presence.

The other two children were each tied to a column inside the building. This would meant hat the group would be forced to enter the decaying structure and deal with the Loup Garou directly. This made for a dangerous course of action.

Gerard was the first to engage and seemingly kill one of the guards. A well-placed silvered dagger dropped the guard almost immediately without alerting the others. Luca’s crossbow finished off another, dropping the number of would be opponents to a more manageable six.

Act 4: Not As They Seem…

Oliver leapt into the fray with his silvered sword, and the others followed. Agostino and Tomas entered through a destroyed stained glass window frame, Lodewijk and Fletcher engaged from a split in the wall, Belkino dropped from the rafters and Liberty charged through the doorway just cleared by Gerard.

As they became fully engaged with the creatures, they quickly realized that they were not dealing with Loup Garou at all, but Werejaguars. This development was a critical error on the part of the Envoys, as the creatures have extraordinary healing abilities, are immune to the effects of silver, and can only be injured by Obsidian.

Desperate, the group fought for their lives, but were overpowered one-by-one. As things began to look their most bleak and desperate, two shadowy individuals arrived carrying some sort of home-made multi-barreled shotguns. The pair peppered the area, and all the werejaguars with obsidian chips, killing them. they then fled.

Attempts to track or catch the individuals was fruitless, and so no clue to their identities was forthcoming. The children we’re rescued and returned to the Orphanage from which they had been kidnapped.

Act 5: The Chronicles Regime Interview

The following evening, as the group discussed the events of the prior day, as was usual, Luca had the radio playing in the background. It was at that time, that the usually scheduled program Chronicles Regime aired an interview with an individual named Richard Sandyvale. The interview was conducted by Roberto Forges Davanzati.

The interview was disturbing because it appeared that this new group Monster Hunters International was breaking one of the most important provisions of the Unseelie Accords, by breaking the secrecy clause that prevented all-out warfare. In addition, the group’s leader seemed to be somehow oddly connected to one of the prior leaders of SAVE, Richard Sandoval. Furthermore, the elder of MHI, indicated that there would be some sort of upcoming “Grand Reveal” that would make a believer out of every skeptic. This was also problematic, as it could undo the Accords completely -especially with an upcoming Convocation


RFD: Richard Sandyvale, welcome.
RS: Thank you Roberto, It’s nice to be here.

RFD: You are a member of the British Elite; own a railroad and a chain of banks. With such a pedigree, why start a detective agency?
RS: I’m glad you asked. A few years ago, my wife and two young children were killed when the ship that they were aboard sank. Their bodies were never recovered, and no answers were forthcoming, concerning this tragedy. I found myself despondent, depressed and most importantly desperately in need of answers. Government officials refused to comment, the ship owners gave no comment and even an official inquiry yielded nothing. I determined, after suffering for three years, that it was time to take charge of things myself. A detective agency seemed the most efficient means of doing so. Using it as a vehicle for change would help others avoid the lack of finality that I felt.

RFD: Seems a noble pursuit. The cases you take are unique though? Aren’t they?
RS: Yes, very unique. They aren’t the standard divorce cases. They’re a bit more.

RFD: More? How so?
RS: Monster Hunters International isn’t your normal detective agency. We don’t handle the mundane aspects of the world that your traditional detective agency might. Instead we focus on the unusual cases. We hunt monsters.

RFD: Monsters?
RS: Monsters. There are entities and individuals who are dedicated to the completion of an unnatural agenda. These individuals kidnap, kill, make people disappear without any fear or concern for the families left behind. MHI, hunts those monsters, recover those it can from their clutches and brings those perpetrating fear and evil to justice.

RFD: Is it this sort of case that brings you to Rome, then? Or is there another reason?
RS: We are here working a kidnapping case. One that we believe has been perpetrated by a group of cultists.

RFD: Can you share any details with our listening audience?
RS: Not many. We are still investigating. All I can say is that the person we are looking for is a member of a wealthy family with a great deal of influence and money.

RFD: Which family?
RS: I’m sorry I’m not at Liberty to say.

RFD: What about this cult group? Who are they?
RS: Again, I can’t comment on their identity. Let’s suffice it to say, I am planning on SAVE-ing this individual from their influence and returning her safely home to her family.

RFD: Her?
RS: No comment.

RFD: So, to summarize, we are talking about terrible people doing terrible things. Are you working closely with the police?
RS: When we can, we are most certainly working with the police. When that is not possible, we do everything we can to resolve the issue ourselves.

RFD: Like some sort of vigilante?
RS: No. Vigilante is too strong a word. We’re vehicles for justice, nothing more.

RFD: But these people you are “resolving”, how can that be different from vigilantism?
RS: You misunderstand me. They are not people, they are monsters.

RFD: Of course they are. But they still have rights. Process of law, for example.
RS: No, I do not think you understand. I mean they ARE monsters. Vampires, Werewolves, cultists, other things… Terrible things.

RFD: You expect me to believe that the bogeyman is kidnapping people? That’s ludicrous.
RS: Believe what you will, but monsters are real. Vampires are kidnapping and feeding on the homeless, transients, and disenfranchised masses living on the fringe of our society. Cultists kidnap people to fulfill twisted ritual only they know about. There are dark forces in our world. There are forces that lurk in the darkness, unseen, unheard and undocumented. These forces, long ago, brokered an agreement with our distant ancestors. This agreement hides their existence from common knowledge. Which in turn, grants these creatures the ability to victimize the innocent.

RFD: This sounds like some sort of conspiracy? Are you claiming that our government is working with some sort of nasty monsters from Antiquity?
RS: No, not a conspiracy. Only a handful of people know about these creatures. Mediums, mystics, Ancient Yogis and Gurus, holders of ancient wisdom. They exist. They are as real as you and I.

RFD: Of course they are.
RS: I detect disbelief.

RFD: Wouldn’t you also be skeptical?
RS: I was, once. Until I had my encounter with them. Since then I have made it a personal goal, to fight those creatures wherever they show themselves. Rome, an ancient city, is a hotbed for such creatures. When we reveal them, you will believe also. You will have no choice. The world will have no choice.

RFD: So you will be revealing these creatures soon?
RS: very soon.

RFD: ummm-hmmm. Well, thank you for the enlightening interview, Mister Sandyvale. I look forward to your revelation, but for now we are out of time.
RS: Thank you Roberto. I am certain that the upcoming event will not disappoint you or your listeners.

Act 6: The Red Court

As the group discussed the dangers of the interview, Father Pedro Manuel Rogerio, a member of the Order of Saint Giles arrived to ask for assistance from the Vatican City SAVE Office to take down a group of Red Court vampires and possibly some of their Werejaguar bodyguard before they could perform a ritual that would grant them a great deal of power.

His order had provided him with intelligence that a Viscount of the Red Court, a group of Ritual attendants and possibly the bodyguard were in the area, and determined to perform a ritual to harness the negative psychic energy present at the scene of a terrible tragedy that took place in 1918.

The location was All Saints Health Resort, which had been occupied when a massive fog of poisoned gas bound for the front in the Great war, had flowed down the mountainside and into the resort killing everyone.

The long period between the accident and the clean-up had allowed the formation of malignancy to appear there. Now the members of the Red Court, perhaps in a move to consolidate some local power preceding the Convocation, were on the move to tap into this power.

With a Lunar Full Moon granting additional power, the group would be undertaking the ritual tonight, leaving the SAVE Envoys and the Order little time for preparation. The presence of werejaguars the previous day offered additional proof that the threat was real.

The Envoys deduced to assist, but wanted to do a little research on the site first, namely confirm the event, and the location of the property prior to the assault.

Act 7: Records Search and Preparations

Oliver and Liberty made their way to the university of Rome’s Anthropology department to acquire some artifacts made from obsidian. They managed to acquire an axe head, some arrow heads, and a knife from the University’s collection.

Agostino, meanwhile, visited a couple of locations searching for some obsidian items as well. he began his search at Buccallati Jewelers of Rome, but ended at the art Gallery belonging to Eddie Vorgenberg. he acquired several pieces, including a Polynesian Obsidian sword.

Tomas and Leonardo Bonomo visited first the newspaper and then the property and deeds offices, to determine the veracity of the events and the location of the property where the resort was located. Successful, they returned to the clubhouse.

Act 8: Meeting MHI

Meanwhile, Lodewijk and Gerard located the address for MHI in the classifieds section of the local newspaper. Armed with this information, they set out to meet the group to see of they could get a read on them.

Arriving at the location, they were greeted at the door by Tommy, who showed them into the study, where they met with Virgo Morgan. While there they also encountered a man calling himself Professor Otto Van Libbenstat.

Familiar with the case files of the original 1913 San Francisco office, the two found the odd similarities and the disconnects between the known members of the SF office and MHI to be disquieting. Attempts to acquire specific information on them failed, but Lodewijk and Gerard had seen and heard enough to know something was very wrong.

Act 9: Hunting the Red Court

Upon the return of Father Father Pedro Manuel Rogerio and his assistant Giovanni Brullo, the envoys went over the basic plan for the upcoming assault on the Red Court at the All Saints Health Resort.

The Father supplied them with confirmation that the Viscount that was suspected at the ritual site was not part of the upcoming Convocation delegation.

He passed out a pair of Enchanted Stakes to each Envoy and explained their purpose and use. The group would arrive in two waves, with the bulk of the group arriving in the first wave, and Sven Thofelt, Dea Murtas, and Piero Adessi arriving a few minutes afterwards.

Act 10: All Saints Health Resort

The Group made their way long a crumbling mountainside track that once served as a Great war military route. In fact, it was the same route that the fated convoy transporting the poisoned gas responsible for the tragedy at the resort had traveled in 1918. When they reached the site of that fateful 1918 Ambush, the team disembarked and conducted some minor reconnaissance of the area by binoculars.

Tomas spotted three guards, most likely Werejaguars armed with Great war rifles. Sven and his group arrived before the first half had begun moving through the trees down the mountainside, so the two groups merged.

They moved slowly down the mountainside, approaching the resort from the rear of the compound, which was the least guarded. The resort was wedged between the mountain and an Alpine Lake, making it easy to defend.


Near the bottom of the tree line, the group paused, allowing those most stealthy members to move forward to prepare an ambush for the patrolling guard threatening to expose them.

The lead group discovered that a series of Tripwire perimeter flares had been set up to alert the camp against potential threats. With some use of the communicative Arts, the lead element was able to disarm a section of the perimeter flares, and readied themselves for action.

Act 11: No Plan Survives…

Liberty ambushed the patrolling guard, but in the attack, he managed to let out a roar which alerted the remainder of the compound. The assault forced rushed forward, engaging the Werejaguars closest to them.

The team split into two parts, choosing to circle around the ruins of the clinical building. As members engaged in desperate close combat, Agostino, brandished his Crystal Skull and began a complex ritual to encapsulate all the negative energy into the skull, thus depriving the Red Court Thaumaturges from entrapping it for their own use.

Using sheer strength of will, he entrapped the negative energy, disrupting the ritual already underway, creating a collapse of power. This resulted in an explosion of pure Thaumaturgical power which destroyed all those performing the ritual except the Viscount.

To ensure that the power could not be siphoned back into the surrounding area, Agostino then smashed the crystal skull dispersing the power forever, although the effort caused him significant injury.

The Viscount, desperate to destroy his enemies and pressed on multiple fronts, summoned an outsider known as The Buried Beneath. As the creature began to tunnel it’s way upwards towards the surface, one of the few surviving Thaumaturgists, attempted to strike Lodewijk with a Lightning bolt, but misjudged his target and instead struck his already terribly injured leader, killing him.

The Viscount’s Death Curse was pronounced against his murderer, insuring he would be buried alive forever. This prophesy came true when the Buried Beneath emerged from the ground at the center of the compound. As the creature emerged, it spit forth a swarm of rocky spikes that began laying waste to the surrounding remaining Werejaguars.

It was at this point that assistance arrived in the most unexpected form.

Act 12: …First Contact with the Enemy

From the back of a nearby military transport, the cover was pulled back and an individual (later identified as Jake Dansen) began to use a heavy machine-gun to engage the swarm. MHI had arrived.

The Envoys were quickly ushered into one of the more intact rooms of the clinical building, were they encountered Gracie Worthytown, as the battle against the Outsider raged on outside. In some manner the Outsider was either defeated, banished, or driven off. Only a few moments later, before anyone could escape, boats of special police had arrived at the compound and everyone present was arrested.

The group would later discover that the MHI detective Professor Otto Van Libbenstat managed to banish the creature using a Tome of Unknown origin and power.

Act 13: Lock-up

The detainees were paired up in cells, seemingly one- MHI agent and one SAVE Envoy. It is unclear if this was by design or by coincidence, but it offered an opportunity for the Envoys to gain a little insight not the sorts of individuals they were dealing with in MHI.

Act 14: Catch and Release

The following morning the Envoys from the SAVE Office were released from jail and had a brief meeting with Girabaldi Triviati, with the OVRA. He had caught wind of Liberty’s arrest, and managed to facilitate her release. He also suppressed any attempts for the local authorities to inform Ambassador Birger Wedberg of Sven’s arrest. He did the same for Tomas, with his boss, Captain Antorinno Descortes.

Released on a Wednesday, the members of the SAVE Office had to participate in the daily grind of day-to-day life, despite their lack of sleep in the jail cells.

Act 15: Target of Opportunity

That day, Liberty was called the the Rome Metropolitan Museum to authenticate a partial manuscript believed to be penned at least in part by Leonard DaVinci. After authenticating the piece, she began to head back towards her office.

It was at this time that she noticed Jake Dansen entering the Egyptian exhibit. While wary of the spotting, liberty felt compelled to investigate, hoping to uncover a lead on whatever plans the MHI group were running.

She caught up to Dansen in the Hall of the Dead, a room showcasing the only Male/Female co-located Egyptian Mummies ever unearthed. He greeted her, and a short conversation took place. This was cut short however by a sudden threat by Dansen to Liberty.

He produced a vial of unknown liquid, and told Liberty to drink it. She, of course, refused. Her was mind changed however, when Dansen drew her attention to a room full of school children in the middle of a school outing tour of the room, led by Professor Otto Van Libbenstat. The presence of Virgo Morgan was also reveal. Furthermore, it was revealed that Virgo was carrying an explosive device. A threat of killing the entire class of school children was leveled in response for non-compliance to Dansen’s wishes.

Liberty ascertaining that the liquid was really nothing more dangerous than ”Knock Out Drops”, drank the vial. She then punched Dansen in the throat moments before passing out.

Act 16: Discussions of MHI

The SAVE Envoys, with the exception of Liberty, assembled in the Library to discuss the information and theories that they had about MHI. Several theories were put forward, but without any sustaining evidence could not be proven one-way-or-the-other.

It was after Liberty had been late for at least an hour, that Father Fletcher attempted to make contact with her. He called her office, called the Metropolitan museum, and her apartment, without luck. This of course concerned everyone. Fletcher than called in Dea Murtas to use her communicative arts to attempt direct telepathic contact. This also failed revealing that Liberty was someplace that was warded. This did not bode well.

Act 17: Kidnapped

When Liberty awake, she was tied to a wooden chair in the basement of the MHI Headquarters. During the exchange with Dansen at the Museum it had been revealed that MHI was in Rome to free her from the influence of a terrible cult (SAVE) and return her to her family. Of course, Liberty knew that SAVE was no cult and that no one in her family was concerned for her well being in this regard.

So presumably the reason for her abduction was revealed, although under false pretenses. In an interesting twist, she discovered she was not alone. There was an english gentleman who introduced himself as Richard Sandoval of the London SAVE office. It would later be discovered that he was actually, David Sandoval, his twin brother, kidnapped at birth by the Seelie Court.

But unaware of this information Liberty suspected nothing amiss. “Richard” explained that he was in town for the Convocation, and that he had decided to look in on MHI’s unusual behavior. He had purposefully gotten himself captured to infiltrate their headquarters in the hopes of gaining information helpful to the investigation.

He easily broke the ropes binding both him and Liberty, setting the two free within moments. Then while he worked to rip the bars out of the window in the basement, he asked Liberty to listen and tell him to the muffled conversation taking place on the other side of the door.

Act 18: I Ain’t Dropping no Eaves…

Liberty’s attempt to listen to the conversation were fruitful. In fact, she learned that the group planned to reveal the existence of a pair of Memphian Mummies, at a black tie gala at the Rome Metropolitan Museum that same night. She also learned that she was to be shipped back “to her family” and that they were planning on killing “Richard” the following morning.

While the overview of the plan were spoken of, the specifics were not well detailed, leaving many gaps in the information. Having acquired the intelligence and sharing it with “Richard” she was provided additional information from him.

He told her that he was there for the Convocation and would be in attendance with a member of the White Court. Although he did not provide her name, it later turned out to be Olivia Saint-James. They would be unable to assist in any way with what was going to happen, due to some complex rules governing the Convocation.

Having pulled the bars out of the windows, Liberty and “Richard” made their escape. Richard departed towards his base of operations in Rome, while liberty headed for the nearest phone to call the Envoys at the Vatican City SAVE Office.

Act 19: Reunion

Members of the SAVE office collected liberty and returned to the library where they put together a rudimentary plan to deal with things at the Gala. Liberty, Oliver and Agostino worked to create a fake Heratic Text scroll, which could hopefully be swapped out by Lodewijk for the real scroll preventing everything from happening. Liberty, using her influence and position with the museum, arranged for a package to await the group at the coatcheck at the Museum. This package contained weapons and some specialized items that may be needed at the event should things go sideways.

Brigit was in attendance, giving the group one “unknown” member that could prove useful to the Envoys when dealing with MHI. It was suspected that MHI would have some sort of secret weapon or ace in the hole that had not yet been revealed.

Act 20: The Gala

As the events began, members of the SAVE office arrived at the gala, where they gained entrance to the event and began to mingle with the guests. While the majority of those present were normal mortals, there were a few exceptions.

These included the presence of two members of the Order of the Blackened Denarius, Ornias and Naamah; a duke of the Red Court, Jesus De Mendoza and his entourage; a member from the White Court, Olivia Saint-James and a Member from the London SAVE Office, Richard Sandoval. This made of a particularly difficult situation, as members of the Convocation could not be injured nor could they participate in any of the events if things unwound.

Agostino had produced small broaches that slightly altered the appearance of the Vatican City SAVE Office, allowing them some slim chance to avoid detection by MHI members.

However, Agostino and Tomas were targeted by the attentions of Olivia Saint-James, who lured them out of the gala and fed on their vital energies taking them out of play temporarily.

Agostino’s potential ties to the Venatori Umbrata, through Father Josef Beuhler were inadvertently discovered by Tomas, although no action could be taken against him at the time.

When it was discovered that both Tomas and Agostino were missing, Luca began a search for them.

Act 21: Let the Events Begin

Events unfolded rapidly once they began. A Tantrum storm of ancient artifacts, created by Gracie Worthytown, began smashing through the Hall of the Dead, breaking the dividing glass partitions separating the two mummies from the room at large. At this point members of the SAVE office headed in that direction. However, Tommy appeared and using Thaumaturgy created tendrils of semi-solid Umbra to entangle those present. These tentacles impeded the movement of those needing to respond to the events taking place in the adjacent room, but did not stop them.

Realizing that there may soon be a need to evacuate the mundanes from the event, Sven rigged the main doors of the museum to prevent them from being locked or blocked closed.

Meanwhile a pair of arms, holding a scroll- the original Hieratic text intact, and a face of Professor Otto Van Libbenstat appeared from the mirror hanging above the sarcophagi containing the mummies. As he spoke the words, they began to arise.

Oliver, seeing this, rushed the mirror and pushed his way into the Mirror Realm. In so doing, Oliver knocked down the professor, causing the scroll he was carrying to fall through another prepared mirror in the floor of the realm. Upon inspection, the second mirror was affixed to the belly of an airplane traveling over the city. This meant the scroll was beyond reach.

Before he could leave, Oliver witnessed one of the Mummies, climbing into the Mirror Realm to attack Van Libbenstadt. Van libbenstadt jumped through the floor based mirror, and Oliver retreated back to the real world, leaving the mummy temporarily stuck there.

Back in the real world, Lodewijk discovered a storage room behind the exhibit, and went to investigate, expecting to see Gracie there. He instead encountered, Bert Brenner the MHI ace-in-the-hole. An attempt to attack him using sonics did nothing to him, but destroyed windows and dropped a chandelier in the lobby. It also injured Gracie, enraging the spirit. Brenner attempted to possess Lodewijk, but was unsuccessful. Lodewijk then managed to “capture” Gracie, temporarily calming Brenner.

In the Main hall of the gala, things had taken a turn for the worse. Naamah, angered at being attacked by Tommy, transformed into her full demonic form and killed him. Unsatisfied, Ornias had to get involved and the Two Denarii traded blows in the middle of the gala. The conflict between the two demons was ended by threats from Father Fletcher.

At this same time, Liberty and Sven found themselves under fire and injured by Virgo Morgan, who had taken up a position above the lobby level with his six-shooters. Working together, Liberty injured Virgo, and Sven used a thrown tranquilizer dart to incapacitate the shooter.

Meanwhile, Luca located Agostino and Tomas in the chamber exhibit for a Victorian royal bedroom. When he attempted to rouse the two, he was attacked by Jake Dansen who managed to stab him twice. Luca, however, obliterated him with a lightning bolt, summoned through thaumaturgy. Luca restored some vitality to both his associates, and they moved to rejoin the others, once they were dressed.

With a Mummy closing in on people in the main Gala room, Liberty entered the room and Using her psychic shield temporarily suspended the mummy’s animation. This also had the added effect of revealing the other missing members of the MHI group, Doctor John Abbynath, John Tattletown, Penny Richards and Richard Sandyvale, who had been glamoured into appearing as if they were members of the Red Court entourage.

In response, John engaged Liberty and other SAVE Envoys with a Thompson Sub-machine gun unsuccessfully. Penny using a strange set of daggers attacked also, and was equally ineffective. Gerard, using his drugged darts engaged Gracie, Penny and Sandyvale, effectively incapacitating them. The attack on Gracie however, enraged Bert Brenner, who attempted to possess Naamah. He was able to do so successfully, and converted her into her demonic form. However, attempts to control her were thwarted by her struggle to avoid surrendering her coin, as compelled by Lodewijk. Orin’s captured her coin to prevent it from falling into the hands of the SAVE Envoy, specifically Fletcher. Brenner was destroyed when Lodewijk destroyed the ring worn by Gracie, which was presumably the vessel for his existence.

Agostino, joining the conflict, banished the one mummy present to the Never-Never, using thaumaturgy. This removed the most immediate threat from the room.

Act 22: Joining the Party

It was about this time that the real Richard Sandoval arrived. He had been struck by a falling scroll after exiting the train as he arrived in Rome. recognizing the scroll for what it was, he surmised that the most likely place to find the mummy associated with the scroll was at the Museum.

His arrival brought back the much needed scroll, and provided the Envoys with someone capable of reading Hieratic, which was essential to banishing the Mummies. With a coordinated effort, Richard, began reading the scroll, which once again summoned the two mummies to their location.

However, as liberty’s Psychic Sphere was still active, they immediately collapsed into an immobile heap. This afforded the group enough time to deal with the mummies without interruption. This rendered them inert and they were returned to their sarcophagi.

Act 23: Aftermath

With widespread damage to the museum, Luca used his Thaumaturgy to selectively “turn-back -time”, repairing the damage to all the inanimate objects in the area. This restored the killed MHI members, as well as removing all traces of the damage of the event. And while it did not actively alter any of the witnesses memories, it did remove any evidence of the event, making it unlikely that they would give their memories any credibility. Later, a rumor that some bad Caviar was served would act as an impetus for explaining away the odd memories of that night’s events.

Ornias took Van Libben, still in his bubble to the sea for punishment, but father Fletcher was able to have The Warden, recover him, and incarcerate him and all the remaining members of MHI in the Castel Sant Angelo as a personal favor, until they could be cured of whatever afflicted them.

The fake “Richard” and the real Richard met with the SAVE Envoys outside their Library, where the Fake “Richard” revealed his true identity as David Sandoval. He went on to claim inappropriate relations with Richard’s wife as well as being an agent of the Seelie Court.

With the accords protected, David Sandoval revealed, and MHI incarcerated, the Envoys from the Vatican City SAVE Office began to collect their breath and await the next big crisis threatening their city.

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