The Ancient Disciple

1936 Season 1, Episode 5

Act 1: Uncovering the Coven

Warned by members of the Order of Saint Giles, The Envoys of the Vatican Office begin to seek out the location of a Red Court Vampire Coven.

After following a series of leads, including the new wards that Luca had placed throughout the city to help him detect Thaumataurgy, the members of the Vatican City SAVE Office, along side two members of the Order of Saint Giles, Father Pedro Manuel Rogerio and his young assistant Giovanni Brullo tracked a coven of Red Court vampires to a derelict building on the outskirts of Rome.

Inside the building, they encountered a guardian of the Coven’s nest, a Bone Hound. After a brutal battle, the group moved forward eventually finding the entry way to the Coven’s Lair; A makeshift tunnel located in the basement of the building, leading directly into an ancient Underground Temple of the Roman Goddess Jana.

Act 2: The Underground Temple

The group made their way through the tunnels and into the excavated chamber that fronted the Underground Temple of Jana. On high alert, they made their way inside, only to find the temple apparently abandoned.

The only activity was centered around a strange pillar inscribed with glowing musical runes and symbols. The pillar pulsed with a bright blue light. fearing a trap, the Envoys and Father Rogerio spread out across the chamber seeking their unseen foes.

This, however, allowed Giovanni the opportunity to move close to the pillar. He touched it, setting off some unheard alarm. Within moments a flood of Red Court Vampires defended into the chamber, and a brutal conflict ensued.

With the Group seriously outnumbered, but holding their own, the leader of the Coven, Duke Jesus De Mendoza, appeared and was prepared to wade personally into the conflict, when Lysias one of the Pythia’s Spartan Warriors appeared, offering battle. Unprepared to take on such an opponent the Duke and the remainder of his coven retreated.

Determined to stop any Ritual that may be underway, Father Fletcher ordered Sven Thofelt, to topple the pillar. This created a magical discharge which knocked Tomas Migual Gessner unconscious.

While the members were tending to Tomas, Lysia advised the SAVE Envoys that the Pythia needed to see them tomorrow at the trevi fountain the following day at midday.

Act 3: An Unexpected Development

The following day began normally enough. Members of the Vatican Office recovered from the previous day’s conflict and many of them went back to work.

However, not everything was as it should be. Shortly after Tomas, arrived downstairs for breakfast, a second identical looking individual appeared. As there were now two Tomas’ and no way to distinguish them apart at that moment Luca Garige asked Lodewijk to contact the other members of the Office to aid them in deciphering the situation.

After a long discussion, it was decided that somehow they were both the same and different people, perhaps a result of some sort of Simulacrum ritual that had been interrupted by the destruction of the pillar. The two appeared to have their life-force intertwined.

Once Tomas, the original was identified, a fight broke out between him and Sven as a result of Sven’s decision to point a gun at the former up[on his arrival. The fight escalated, eventually involving, Lodewijk, Oliver and Gerard as well.

It was brought to an end by Luca, who threatened to deal with them all if they could not resolve their issues. He even offered to conduct a Code Duello if the involved parties felt it necessary.

As they all declined, the matter was put to rest. The second incarnation of Tomas, was asked to be called Mikael. It was suspected that he was somehow connected to the apparent lack of memory that plagued Tomas, meaning that whatever caused him may have been present prior and was only released to form a separate entity as a result of the magical discharge.

Luca was interested to see what his wards would make of the new version of Tomas, as if he were a supernatural being or entity of some sort, he would be seriously hindered or possibly harmed by them when attempting to return to the interior of the Library of Esoteric Studies.

Act 4: Meeting with the Pythia

The group arrived on time to meet with the Pythia at an open air bistro at the fountain. She greeted them all and curiously commented that it was finally nice to meet the “ new member ”.

She did not elaborate however, as a serious situation was beginning to cause her concern. She had been having vision that were disturbing lately, hinting at some great unidentified calamity to come. She had seen members of the Vatican Office, “ standing along a verdant river, surrounded by desert. “ She had thought originally that it was Egypt, but the group indicated that they had no interest in traveling there.

She then surmised that the group had, in fact been, in Kemet. As a result she suggested that the group travel there that very evening. She offered to have Lysias guide them and show them the means by which to enter the Realm, and also the means by which to return.

Act 5: Research

After the meeting with the Pythia, and the realization that the group would be traveling to Kemet later that every evening, the envoys decided that it would be a good time to conduct some research.

Each according to their access and abilities, either took care of setting personal affairs in order, or attempted to garner additional information on Kemet.

Act 6: The Book

Liberty returned to her office in the vatican to tie up a few open verifications, with plans to visit the Athenaeum Arcana hoping to find additional information on the Kemet.

However, before she could depart on that errand, she received a phone call from the Museum Director. She was advised that a call had been received by the minister of Art and Culture, advising that Liberty was to undertake a verification of a document for a visiting Nazi dignitary. Unable to get free from her office prior to this, she was forced to wait for his arrival.

The individual arrived at Liberty’s office and introduced himself as Kurt Heinrich Helck. He displayed an Indulge, indicating he was a member of SAVE and advised that he was from the Berlin Office.

He was accompanied by two SS soldiers, whom were told to wait outside the office. He revealed his SAVE affiliations to Liberty once alone, so as to not arouse the suspicion of the two soldiers acting as his escorts.

Helck then went on to reveal a very old book. It was explained that he had “stolen” it from a locked and warded box. He needed to know if the book was authentic, or if it was a cheap copy. He could only say that he suspected it was written by Edward Kelley, a renowned Alchemist.

The book was the Occultum Aegyptus Antiqua, and was written in a personal code, that was all but indecipherable without a key.

Liberty wanted to compare the book to other alchemical books written by the same author and called Father Fletcher to bring another of Kelley’s alchemical works from the Library of Esoteric Studies for comparison.

As such, when Fletcher arrived, he was introduced to Helck, and became aware of the book’s existence and the existence of the Berlin office.

Liberty confirmed that the book was authentic. Helck, in turn mentioned that several SS men, under the command of an SS officer, Oberstkaptain Stefan Vogel, had come to Rome some weeks prior.

He indicated that he believed that they had somehow managed to interrogate a captured Red Court Vampire in Rome. Helck explained that Udo Von Liebstadt a prior SAVE Envoy, was in command of a special artifact hunting division of the Abwehr named the Sturmreitter. Because of Liebstadts intimate knowledge of SAVE, the Berlin office operated in Secret and was forced to take extreme actions to insure their continued existence.

Helck, himself admitted to being a SAVE Envoy who had infiltrated the Sturmreitter, in order to keep a better eye on Von Liebstadt at the behest of London.

Armed with the new information, Helck took the book and was going to return it, hopefully prior to it’s being discovered missing.

Act 7: University Professorship

With some limited time, Oliver made his way to the university, where he spoke with Wilhelm Busch in regards to teaching a couple of university classes on Anthropology. Wilhelm accepted, and agreed to make the arrangements for Oliver to begin his courses on the next semester.

Act 8: Reach Out and Administer Drugs

While others were handling their personal affairs, Gerard decided to put his pharmaceuticals skills to work for the betterment of the group. Armed with a new Tranquilizer Dart Rifle, He crafted several specialized delivery darts with a variety of drugs. It was his hope to have these available in case he needed them to aid him in his desire not to cause harm to innocents during an encounter.

Act 9: Visiting Venatori

In an attempt to gain additional information on the upcoming journey to Kemet, Mikael travelled to an undisclosed Chapel to meet with his Venatori contact Father Josef Beuhler.

There they discussed Kemet in some detail, uncovering several interesting facts that would have otherwise have been unavailable otherwise. Unknown to Mikael, he was photographed by the Gestapo, exiting the church. They were watching some other individual located there and had taken note of his arrival and departure. This would cause an unpleasant conversation between Captain Antorinno Descortes and Tomas Migual Gessner concerning his involvement there. Tomas would explain that he has a twin brother and that it was this brother that had visited the Church, not himself.

Act 10: Disseminate Information

The Envoys, with the obvious exception of Sven, regrouped at the Library to discuss the limited amount of information available on the Kemet People and the location, also known as Kemet.

Very little solid information was available, but what was available proved very useful. It seems that the Kemet people were the inspiration, or perhaps were the Gods of Ancient Egypt. This information was confirmed through multiple sources.

In addition it was discovered that all the non-Kemet inhabitants of this realm were either Visitors or Spirits who had transcended to this realm. If spirits, they were known to possess a group collective, sharing information and protection among their numbers.

As for Visitors, they could have been from either the Never-Never or from the Real World. It was also revealed that fraternization with anyone in Kemet was also forbidden.

With the information shared, there was little to do but wait. So each of the members went about their personal business to return to the clubhouse at 10:00 pm.

Act 11: Uniform Search

Oliver upon being told about the SS involvement, decided to start looking for the bodies of the two SS men that Helck had mentioned he would be forced to kill. The plan was to acquire a uniform in the hopes of making it useable later if need arose. in the end, this avenue of acquisition was unsuccessful, but a visit to Liberty’s tailor revealed that he was able to provide a Corporal’s SS uniform the following day for Oliver’s Use.

Act 12: An Unfriendly Reminder

Satisfied with his acquisition, Oliver returned home to find a full-blown celebration underway at his apartment. A live band and nearly one-hundred people had gathered to congratulate him on his recent employment at the university. This was information that he had not shared with anyone.

In attendance was his fiance, Elsa Mannhoff and Sven’s wife Brigit Thofelt. Trying to disband the party proved unsuccessful.

As Oliver began to grow impatient, Cyprus Archer, Indra Dietrich, Mortimer Stroud, and Emeric Dane arrived. With at least one-hundred people at risk, Oliver was forced to listen as Cyprus requested he remind Sven Thofelt to return that which had been taken from him.

Cyprus then ordered Brigit to leave the party. Once she was gone, Cyprus offered Oliver employment to assist him in recovering an ancient artifact located somewhere on the grounds of Trajan’s Market.

Oliver refused outright, but Cyprus suggested that he “ take some time to think it over. “ With that Cyprus used some sort of mind control to empty the party of it’s guests, and forced Elsa to forget about the event.

Cyprus and his people departed.

Act 13: The Alchemist Gate

With all of the Envoys, except Sven, whose whereabouts remained unknown, returned to the library, the group prepared to meet Lysias at the Garden of Souls to be guided to the Alchemist Gate.

Arriving near 11:00, at the garden, they met Lysias. Less guided them with confidence through the maze and Labyrinth to the Alchemist Gate. There he explained the means to activate the gate, and the means by which they could return.

Act 14: Arriving in Kemet

The envoys made their way through the Alchemist gate and emerged in Kemet. There they were able to take in the living embodiment of Ancient Egypt for a short while before being accosted by guards.

A group of Spirit guards arrived and surrounded the group. Using an interpreter, they were advised that they were under arrest and would be taken to the Grand Inquisitor for interrogation.

Believing that their current situation was related to whatever threat the Pythia had warned them against, the Envoys disarmed themselves and accompanied the guards to the royal place.

There they were introduced to the Isan Nyat. Using the Feather of Truth, she interrogated the collected Envoys, to determine their complicity with a theft that had taken place in hemet a few days prior.

Satisfied with their responses, and knowing they were unable to hide the truth, she advocated for them with the High Advisor (and defacto ruler of Kemet) the Anubii Akhenet.

She was successful in having their lives spared. They decided to undertake the task of recovering the Ahk of the Kemet-Ra, which was believed to be located in four Canopic Jars which were, in turn, stored in a single Canopic Chest.

She explained that once she saw the jars, which would need to be photographed, she could tell the group which aspects were stored within them. She could then tell them what weapons would be needed to defeat the four aspects.

as each Aspect was defeated, the group would need to collect the enmpowered charms located in their respective Canopic jar and return them to Nyat so that she could restore them.

Having advised them of the task that lay before them, the group was escorted to the Alchemist Gate and returned to the Real World.

Act 15: The Mesha Stele

The Next evening, a phone call was received. members of the Sturmreitter, under the direction of Udo Von Liebstadt, had kidnapped Edward Vorgenberg, and had made the demand that Olivger accompany Lodewijk Van Beers to Edward’s art gallery. Once Oliver was safely on his way back to Berlin, where he would be recruited to the Sturmreitter Division, Edward would be released.

Liberty, Fletcher, Mikael, Lodewijk and Oliver all made their way to the Gallery. Once arriving, Liberty, Oliver and Jodewijk discovered that it was not actually Oliver that was wanted, but an object known as the Mesha Stele. This Stele had been recovered by Oliver during his fateful 1934 dig.

Oliver, however was not currently aware of the Stele’s whereabouts, as he had sent it to the University of Austria in Tyrol. It appears that it never arrived. The Sturmreitter had tracked the Stele back to Rome, and as Oliver was also there, they had assumed, incorrectly, that Oliver was in possession of the artifact.

With this clarified, it was decided that Edward would remain in the Sturmrietter’s care until the Stele was supplied. Oliver was given two weeks to do so.

Act 16: Big Badda-Boom!

After the meeting at the gallery, oliver and the other Envoys all returned home to catch up on some much needed sleep. For oliver, however, sleep would not be easy to catch. Awakened in the early morning by Red, it was discovered that a car was parked in the back alleyway behind Oliver’s Apartment.

With the thought of capturing and potentially interrogating one of the nazi’s in the car, Oliver made his way down stairs. The driver’s however spotted him and panicked. Losing control of the speeding automobile, they flipped the car, allowing Oliver to catch up with them.

As he dragged one of the Nazi’s from the car, a tremendous explosion ripped through the vehicle, sending him flying across the alley and into the wall.

Red, seeing this, went to the library to alert other members of the events.

Liberty and the others mobilized and made their way to assist Oliver. The crew arrived in time to see the police and fire services actively working to extinguish the burning wreckage.

The Envoys spotted Oliver, who appeared to be exceptionally badly injured. At Gerard’s prompting, he ordered the others present to “Run!” They did so, and as a result were spared possible destruction as Oliver began to lose control of his inner beast. Managing to avoid killing any of the innocent Police or fire workers present, Oliver consumed the remains of one of the Nazi’s to recover his strength.

Upon recovery, he made his way upstairs, where Liberty met him with a fresh change of clothes. No comments or remarks were made concerning his sudden miraculous recovery. As no one witnessed the consumption, there was no real way to question what had happened.

Apparently much better off, the group separated once again- returning to their homes for a little more sleep.

Act 17: The Search for Eddie

Although they had been told that Eddie had been taken by Von Liebstadt’s people, the envoys had not real proof that he had been kidnapped. Thinking on this, Lodewijk, Oliver, Tomas and Gerard decided to make their way to Eddie’s apartment to see if they could find any signs of his abduction that may lead them to his location.

The Envoys found signs of forced entry, although the initial investigation indicated that some sort of freezing had been used to defeat the lock and crack the door. This could have been a result of either compressed gas or thaumaturgy.

A thorough search revealed only a few archeology books showing images of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. In addition a smeared drawing of the same god, done in camphor oil was found on the window leading to his fire escape. A good review of the apartments contents allowed Lodewijk to realize that one of Eddies favorite statues, also of Thoth, was missing. In it’s place had been placed a vase full of flowers from the Camphor tree. These flowers were considered sacred to Thoth.


While these were interesting facts, they didn’t really do much more than create additional questions for the envoys.

Locating a hidden wall safe in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, Tomas was able to open it. Inside the group found 250,000 Lira, Eddies’s passport and a ledger of illicit acquisitions and sales. Although these were interesting they were seemingly unrelated to his disappearance and so, they were replaced in the safe and secured.

Deciding that it was more likely that he was taken from his shop the group then headed there to conduct a more thorough search.

Upon arrival, Lodewijk unlocked the doors and the group entered. The office was searched, and although some pictures of bids on antiquities were found, it was determined that they were not related to the case of his disappearance. A large locked cell-like storage area was discovered in the back room. It was full of artifacts and items of value, although it wasn’t related to the kidnapping. It occurred to Oliver that perhaps Eddie might know more about the missing Mesha Stele than he did. Additionally it was likely that Von Liebstadt and his people wouldn’t realize they should probably ask Eddie about it. In a sort of Irony, they may have inadvertently kidnapped the only person in Rome who may actually know something about the artifact they were searching for.

Finding nothing of significance, the envoys deduced to return to the Library.

Act 18: The Divination

Meanwhile, Mikael prepared and cast a ritual tracking divination spell using the recovered Totenkopf ring as a foci. The spell was largely successful, as it pulled Mikael directly to the location of the owner. This turned out to be the Nazi Embassy in Rome.

At the outside of the building Mikael encountered a sort of Divination ward, that although powerful in some ways, was not entirely successful. The ward made the building look “blurry” and prevented him from seeing inside the walls of the structure, but it was not able to actually hide the location in any significant way. As a result, Mikael was able to ascertain that the owner of the ring was within the walls of the Embassy.

This would confirm Oberstkaptain Stefan Vogel as the ring’s owner.

Unable to gather any additional information, Mikael broke the divination to return to the club house.

Act 19: Best Laid Plans

The group of envoys discussed ways that they could identify Vogel, as none of them had seen him, and were therefore unable to recognize him. As this would become critical soon, Fletcher put forward a phone call that was intended to draw Vogel out to a Bistro, so he could be identified by the group.

Using the lure that he had acquired important espionage information concerning the operations of British spies in Rome, Fletcher called and set up a meeting with Vogel at an open air bistro. It was not Fletcher’s intention to actually make any contact with Vogel, but Oliver and Mikael would follow any transport leaving the nazi Embassy with the thought that it would contain Vogel. This would be subjective to the time that the vehicle left the embassy with an emphasis on departure to allow timely arrival at the Bistro near the appointed time.

Lodewijk and Tomas would take up positions in the nearby public park, Lodewijk playing his organ and Tomas reading a paper and eating lunch. This allowed them to be close and to also view Vogel’s arrival.

Gerard and Fletcher would be at the Bistro, playing a game of chess, to allow them to observe the arrival.

While it was never the plan to make actual contact, Vogel sent that portion of the plan out the window when upon his arrival, he approached and identified himself to Father Fletcher. It rapidly became apparent that Vogel not only knew who they were, but what they were after.

Gerard was sent away by Vogel, but Oliver seeing the situation left the car and made his way to the Bistro so that he didn’t leave Fletcher alone. The conversations between Fletcher and Vogel conformed that Vogel was behind the heist, that he had it locked in the Embassy and that it was going to be transported soon.

Although Vogel never said any of this outright, it was apparent that he was poor at hiding the truth when questioned. Vogel departed and the Envoys regrouped at the Library with a new agenda to figure out how and when the artifacts would be transported from the Embassy.

Act 20: Call Helck

While the majority of the team were dealing with Vogel’s appearance at the Bistro, Liberty had stayed behind at the Vatican in an attempt to make contact with Kurt Heinrich Helck. Placing a call to the Embassy, she was able to make contact with him and indicate she needed a meeting. Although Helck was not able to outrightly accept because of the possibility that his calls were monitored, he indicated covertly that he would attempt to make contact.

Act 21: Transportation

After reassembling at the library, everyone was brought up to speed on the latest developments. It was decided that the most likely means of transport was either by train or by aircraft. To those ends the group divided into teams, each given an objective. Before departing, Mikael provided everyone with a Charm of Calling that he had imbued with the ability to allow limited telepathic communication with the holders of the other charms. Although limited to only 15-words, the charms could prove a fast and efficient means to alert the group to new developments as they occurred.

Luca and Tomas would travel to the Embassy to watch the embassy and make certain that they did not move the item prematurely. To this ends, They used of the Murta vans belonging to the Library as transportation.

Oliver and Lodewijk would head to the train depot to determine whether they could locate any Nazi train leaving that may be in a position to carry the stolen artifacts to Berlin.

Fletcher and gerhard would travel to the airport to look for any signs of Nazi Transports that could be used to carry the artifacts from Rome to Berlin.

And finally, Liberty and Mikael would remain at the Library to await the possible arrival of Helck. This was in the hopes that he could provide additional information.

Act 22: The Train Yard

Upon their arrival, Oliver and Lodewijk made their way through the gate, using Oliver’s university papers as a means t get access to the train yard. Coupled with a story about checking on an important arriving archeological shipment, the guard let the two enter the main switch yard without much thought or scrutiny.

Once inside, They made their way to the yard master’s tower. There, they made contact with one of the conductor’s responsible for scheduling. After some discussion, the scheduler was unable to locate any cargo trains bound for Berlin leaving either that night or the following night. With only a passenger train making a regularly schedule trip via another German city, The two envoys determined that it was unlikely that the Nazis were using a train as the primary form of transport. The only option to do so would be some sort of secret train schedule that was unknown to the yard master.

Act 23: The Airport

Upon arriving at the airport, Fletcher and Gerard decided to split up to allow them to cover more ground quicker. Fletcher was to look into the chartered flights to see if any of them were booked by Nazis or headed to Berlin. Meanwhile, Gerard would make his way along the private hanger looking for any obvious signs that Nazis were preparing a plane for departure. It was believed that the most likely option would be some sort of military flight transporting the artifacts.

The two split up.

While Fletcher was unsuccessful in locating any private chartered flights that fit the needed criteria, Gerard hit pay dirt.

He encountered a hanger that contained a JU-88 Mid-range bomber. This aircraft obviously belonged to the German military, and gerard snuck into the hanger to see if he could gather any information related to the upcoming transportation of the artifacts.

To his surprise, shortly after he managed to hide in the hanger, a staff car from the Nazi Embassy arrived. The car contained two passengers, one was Eva Von Bock and the other was Oberstlieutenant Karl Sturmer.

Gerard was able to overhear several important details concerning the upcoming transport of the artifacts as well as the book and Von Bock’s transportation arrangements.

Realizing that delaying the flight would be in their best interest Gerard set out to sabotage the aircraft in some way in hopes of either delaying or preventing the aircrafts take off. Once the two had departed, Gerard snuck to the aircraft, and using his knife, punctured several of the aircraft’s hydraulic lines. It was hoped that this would prevent the timely take off of the aircraft.

Fearing discovery, Gerard managed to escape the hanger and regroup with Father Fletcher.

Act 24: At the Embassy

Although Tomas and Luca noted the departure and subsequent arrival of the car carrying Von Bock and Sturmer, they had seen no activity indicating a transport for the artifacts was underway. Determined to provide information to the other Envoys, even if it was somewhat sparse, Tomas returned to the library, leaving Luca, disguised as an old jewish woman, watching the Embassy for traffic.

Act 25: The Meeting with Helck

Meanwhile Helck arrived at the Vatican and met with Liberty and Mikael. There, the two envoys filled Helck in on the details he was missing concerning the book and the artifacts that had been stolen. He, in turn provided the departure time for the transport, the number of troops at the embassy, the location of the artifact in the vault at the embassy and provided information on Eva Von Bock and Oberstlieutenant Sturmer.

He also confirmed that the artifact would travel out of Rome by plane. Concerned at the seriousness of the situation, Helck said he would attempt to get himself included in the transport of the artifact, so that he could assist in any actions taken to stop the artifact from leaving Rome. He was determined to act as a last resort plan in the event that the Vatican City office was unable to prevent the artifact’s departure.

In return, he only asked that he not be accidentally shot by any of the attacking envoys. After sharing information Helck departed the library. Mikael voiced his distrust of Helck, noting that Vogel seemed to know a great deal about the vatican office already.

Act 26: Planning an Ambush

Despite their best attempts, the Envoys were still unable to reach Sven, who would have been very helpful to the efforts to ambush the shipment on it’s way to the airport.

looking at maps, the most likely route from the embassy to the airport was determined, and the most remote and direct portion of that route selected for the site of the ambush.

Oliver would steal a vehicle, which would be used to ram and disable the cargo truck carrying the artifacts. Should he fail, Father Fletcher would also be driving a vehicle, which could be used in a similar manner. in the event of success, Fletchers vehicle would be used to transport the recovered artifacts.

Upon initiating the ambush, all available envoys would rush the cargo truck, dealing with any armed guards and securing the artifacts. If possible the book would be acquired from Von back if the opportunity arose.

Once the book and crate containing the artifacts were recovered, the cargo would be transported to the burnt out remains of the Cinema dell Ombra, where the Canopic Jars would be photographed.

One or more of the envoys would return to Kemet, where they would learn what needed to be done to handle the aspects that had been captured in the jars.

Once the aspects were defeated, the empowered runes would be returned to Kemet for Reassembly and the Cosmos would be safe once again.

While the plan seemed simple on the surface, it was obvious that it would most likely prove more difficult to undertake in actuality. The Envoys separated, to prepare for their evenings activities.

Act 27: Sven’s Return

Sven contacted the club house much to the relief of the members there. He arrived bearing a florists card containing the message, “ My deepest Condolences. I hope for a quick and complete recovery. CA

Sven explained that he had been called away on urgent embassy business in Greece, and that upon his return had been informed that his wife had been badly beaten and hospitalized.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, Sven discovered a card accompanying some lovely flowers. The card was obviously from Cyprus Archer and was almost an admission of his involvement in the assault on Sven’s wife. Additionally it was a reminder that Cyprus wanted his Devil Head Cane returned to him.

Act 28:Briefing and Planning

Luca departed the club house to attend to Sven’s wife, taking some of his Convalescent Tea Blend along to administer it to her as a means of increasing her recovery from her injuries.

Meanwhile, the Envoys briefed Sven on the situation and gave hims some of the information on the upcoming ambush. Some fine tuning of the plan was made. The group departed the Library at approximately 8:45 pm with the intention of being in position for the ambush by sunset, which was scheduled for 9:25 pm that night.

The group found a suitable location and placed themselves into position to conduct their ambush.

Gerard took up a position on the top of a nearby hill. This was to allow him to make the most use of his newly acquired tranquilizer dart rifle, as well as act as lookout for the group.

Fletcher took up a position behind a large outcropping of rock near the roadway. His purpose was to deploy his impenetrable shield in the route of the moving convoy as a means of causing them to deviate and deflect the convoy down the hill, where it could be raided.

Oliver and Lodewijk, dressed as SS soldiers in uniforms acquired from a local tailor, parked a stolen black truck on the roadway around a curve of the road. The large bulk of this vehicle shielded the Murta from direct line-of-sight. Liberty was in the Van, ready to drive and recover the crate containing the Canopic Jars.

Tomas and Sven were nearby, ready to rush down to the vehicles to acquire the crate, while Mikael was waiting with Liberty to act as support if needed.

With everyone in place, there was nothing left to do but await the arrival of the convoy.

Act 29: The Convoy Arrives

Gerard, from his vantage point, was the first person to spot the 2-vehicle convoy as they approached Fletcher’s position. The lead vehicle, a staff car convertible, carried a driver, Oberstkaptain Stefan Vogel, Eva Von Bock and Kurt Heinrich Helck. The follow-up vehicle was a heavy miltary transport truck. It carried, two individuals in the front cabin and ten SS soldiers guarding the cargo.

Realizing that the group had not determined the signal that would be used to alert the arrival of the convoy, Gerard decided to throw a small rock towards Fletcher to alert him. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. With the distance between the convoy and the group narrowing, Gerard decided to strike Fletcher with a second stone, in the hopes of guaranteeing the alert.

Unfortunately the rock struck Fletcher just above his left eye. Stunned and staggering, Fletcher stumbled out into the roadway, just as the convoy was arriving at the ambush point.

The driver of the car swerved. This sent the out-of-control car through the ditch, down an incline and into a stone wall bordering a nearby wine vineyard. The car narrowly missed the stunned Fletcher.

The truck, however, did not. The driver of the truck, distracted by the sudden deviation of the staff car traveling ahead of him, was distracted and failed to stop or deviate in time to avoid striking Father Fletcher. After the impact, the Driver panicked, lost control of the truck and sent it barreling down the hillside, slamming into the rear of the staffer below.

Act 30: The Raid.

Things began to quickly spiral out of control. With Fletcher terribly injured, Gerard and Sven rushed to his aid, stabilizing the priest using arts and medical knowledge.

Oliver immediately disembarked from the stolen truck and rushed down the hill towards the stalled Nazi transport, even as soldiers were disembarking from the vehicle. Oliver neutralized two of the guards and began ti gain entry into the back of the vehicle, sawing away at the tie downs used to hold the canvas top in place.

Meanwhile, Liberty rushed to recovery Father Fletcher, carrying him to the waiting Murta. Tomas headed down the hill towards the Nazi vehicle where he subdued a soldier.

Mikael tossed a flash powder concoction down at the soldiers, temporarily blinding them as they prepared to counter attack. This prevented any opportunity for them to cause either Tomas or Oliver injury.

Lodewijk, determined to assist, began to sing a new song that he had been working on. This piece caused a great many of the participants in the general struggle to become mesmerized for a short period of time. unfortunately Oliver, Gerard, and Tomas were also affected, along with Helck and the majority of the SS Soldiers.

Eva Von Bock, grabbed the book that she carried, the Occultum Aegyptus Antiqua, and began to call upon it’s power to aid her cause. However, she was stopped by Sven, who struck her with the flat of his blade. The book was dropped, and the ritual or incantation was interrupted, preventing whatever effect she had desired from being fulfilled.

As members of the group began to recover from the mesmerization, Vogel pulled some sort of glass capsule from his pocket. He threw it upon the ground and crushed it underfoot. Immediately a thick all encompassing circle of frost began to rapidly radiate outwards from his location.

The bitter cold stunned reduced many of the Envoys reflexes and stamina as a result of the total bitter cold. But for some the effects were even more serious. Several of the Nazis were encased in spikes of solid frost- the jagged spikes driving themselves into frozen flesh. This effect killed all but three of the nazi soldiers, and drove Vogel insane with anger.

Oliver and Tomas moved to fight with Vogel, while Sven and Mikael began to recover the crate containing the Canopic Jars and Chest. The flow of frost eventually encased Vogel, presumably killing him.

With hope lost, Von Bock attempted t flee with the book. She made it a significant distance before being stopped. Gerard, making an incredible long-range shot with his dart gun, struck her in the shoulder with a paralysis dart.

Eva collapsed between the rows of the vineyard, and Oliver went to recover the book. While there, he also recovered the dart used against her.

As Oliver reached the exfiltration vehicle, Von Bock arose, but did not pursue them. Helck, broken glasses in hand began to walk towards the airport with the intention of reporting the attack on the cargo, insuring his cover remained intact.

Act 31: Return to the Library

The Envoys drove the Murta back to the Library of Esoteric Studies, where they uncrated the Canopic Chest. They attempted to take the chest inside, but found that the wards around the library were preventing it.

They attempted to carry the chest into the garden, but found the same case to be true. Knowing they needed to photograph the jars contained within, the group decided to open the Chest. However, Oliver, upon reading some of the Hieroglyphic texts on the chest determined that only “ The Blood of the True ” could open the chest. Lodewijk, Gerard, Oliver all tried some of their own blood to open the chest without success.

Fletcher, now ambulatory enough to participate in the discussion, though that perhaps the blood had to come for an animal sacred to the Egyptians. The group, after some discussions determined to have Gerard go to the Zoo and acquire a Falcon. The falcon would then be sacrificed to the chest to see if that would open it. It did not.

Act 32: Reading the Book

Liberty, in the meantime, realized that the chest could not be brought into the library because it technically contained parts of a still-living being. The Book, however was not alive and as such could be taken into the library without difficulty.

She took the book inside and, placing it upon a table, decided to utilize her read object ability on the book.

Act 33: The Visions


The first vision she received was centered around some sort of underground portal. This portal was glowing and surrounded by immensely powerful sigils. She watched as a woman, presumably Von Bock approached and was grasped by a series of tentacles and claws that suddenly emerged from the portal, drawing her through the opening. She watched as everything went black, but then reappeared with a the same woman laying in a pile of hundreds of bodies. Presumably the Nazis had sacrificed them and used their blood to open the portal. This portal most likely led to the Outer Gates, the realm inhabited by Old Ones and their Outsider servants. This was the means by which Von Bock was able to read and comprehend the text within the book.

The second vision was related to the creation of the text. In the vision Liberty saw Sir Edward Kelley working diligently to complete the third volume of a three volume set of texts related to the Occultum Aegyptus Antiqua, reliving that the text is not a single work, but a 3-volume set. In this vision she observed the scaly hand of a supernatural creature, presumably an Outsider, who seemed to be behind the creation of the texts. Kelsey seemed to believe that the purpose for the texts was to grant immortality.

The third vision was a vision relating to the location of the book as it was found by the Nazis. In this vision, Liberty saw a wall of stone brick being destroyed and a secret chamber being revealed. This chamber contained the book. Present in the vision was a very young Kurt Heinrich Helck, and an unidentified man, possibly Udo Von Liebstadt. In the vision it was apparent that Helck has a daughter that was being used as leverage to guarantee his assistance and loyalty. It was determined possible or perhaps even likely that Helck was forced to forget the book, as some items are capable of doing this. This may explain why Halck did not recognize the tome and brought it to liberty for confirmation of it’s authorship.

The fourth vision was centered around the ownership of the text prior to the nazi acquisition. In this vision liberty witnessed a Catholic cardinal, who was identified by a servant in the vision as cardinal Seletti. The cardinal was bricking up the book within the wall of a medieval Italian castle. It was apparent that he had burned other texts, although it is unclear if they were other volumes related to this tome, or simply other alchemical tomes. For whatever reason Seletti, bricked up the tome, hiding it until he could “ figure out what he had done and how to correct it.

The fifth and final vision was centered around the act that Seletti had referred to in the previous vision. In this vision Liberty saw the cardinal creating some sort of scroll. The book lay open nearby and several other alchemical texts were also present. Once the scroll was written, Seletti, cut upon his palm and added Blood to the scroll. Almost immediately Seletti collapsed into unconsciousness. The words from the scroll and from the tome seemed to impose themselves on his face and arms, pulsing with power before fading from view. A mention of “ The Blood of the True ” was spoken aloud by Seletti prior to his addition of blood to the scroll providing a possible hint to the means needed to open the Canopic Chest.

Act 34: Opening the Chest

With this new information provided by Liberty, it was believed that somehow either Tomas or Mikael could open the chest using their blood. This was based upon a remembrance of the use of the name Seletti upon the arrival at the Cinema dell Ombra. Also Fletcher suggested that perhaps it has nothing to do with a name, so much as the blood of a Thaumaturgist.

As Mikael was a thaumaturgist, it was further reinforced that he may be able to open the chest using his blood. Under some degree of hesitation, Mikael agreed to cut his hand and use his blood in an attempt to open the chest.

The blood worked, releasing the locks that kept the lid secured and allowing the Envoys access to the Canopic Jars contained within. Oliver photographed the four jars for the Kemet.

However, as they were aware that the garden containing the Alchemist Gate was exceptionally dangerous at night, and knowing that it was very close to midnight. The group decided to develop the photos at the Library and take them to Kemet the following day. This would also allow the recovery of injuries sustained during the fighting.

The four godhead figures present on the jars were:

  • Hapi, the baboon-headed god representing the north, whose jar contained the lungs and was protected by the goddess Nephthys ;
  • Duamutef, the jackal-headed god representing the east, whose jar contained the stomach and was protected by the goddess Neith ;
  • Imseti, the human-headed god representing the south, whose jar contained the liver and was protected by the goddess Isis ;
  • Qebehsenuef, the falcon-headed god representing the west, whose jar contained the intestines and was protected by the goddess Serqet.

Once the photographs of the jars were taken for identification, The envoys would be able to make preparations to overcome the four aspects of the Kemet- Ra and restore the natural order to the Cosmos.

Act 35: The Return to Kemet

With the photographs of the four jars developed, the group decides to travel back to the Alchemists Gate in the Garden of Souls. Rainfall hazards the journey, and the garden seems somehow respondent to the disruption of things taking place in Kemet. As the group approaches the gate, they begin to notice infestations of worms in deep furrows as they near the entry way.

Quickly performing the ritual movements needed to gain access to the gateway, they are immediately affected by the sudden appearance of blowing sand. In Kemet, the world was being subjected to a terrible scouring sandstorm.

The group made their way to the seat of the Cosmic Court, where they witnessed the weakening of the Kemet. Despite all of this, they were met by the Isan Nyat, who took them to a chamber where she identified the aspects from the photographs and advised the group that they would require weapon-wise to over come them, although she was unable to tell them which weapon would affect which of the aspects.

The items needed were;

  1. a weapon submerged in the blood of a ritual sacrifice for one solar day;
  2. a weapon ritually buried for one solar day;
  3. a weapon submerged in holy water for one solar day;
  4. a weapon purified by fire for 1 solar day.

The group had all of these items except for the ritual blood weapons. As the type of items that were considered weapons was irrelevant, then their true form was of no real concern. The group already possessed a dagger that had been submerged in Polywater for a period of time exceeding the requirements. Luca had an axe that had been buried for a period with his grandfather, before being recovered by his father. He also possessed an iron poker that had been purified by fire, as it was dropped in a forge during his grandfather’s lifetime.

For the ritual blood sacrifice, Liberty visited the storage area for Incan artifacts and recovered a Spanish dagger used by Incan priests to sacrifice Spanish prisoners alongside several natives. She also acquired an obsidian ritual blade used by Incan priests for human sacrifice.

So armed, the group determined to travel with the Chest, and the jars contained within, to the Pantheon in Rome, where a number of factors made the battle easier. As the weather had taken on an aspect affected by a distant Volcanic eruption. The eruption was credited to Santorini, but in actuality was a smaller eruption much closer to home, Mount Etna.

A blanket of Ash and pumice was raining down on the city. This had began sometime before the group returned from Kemet. The eruption persisted through the fight between the Envoys and the four Aspects of the Kemet-Ra.

One of the primary advantages was that the Pantheon was mostly empty of adornment or obstruction due to it’s unique structural design. It was seen as a strongly built building, one hopefully capable of withstanding any significant power that may be unleashed during the battle. The last aspect was that due to the volcanic eruption, the presence of tourists was non-existent. This helped prevent the possibility of causing the loss of innocent lives.

Having now arrived, the group put their plan into action, hoping to quickly match the right weapons with the correct aspects and thereby defeat them.

Act 36: The Four Aspects

The first of the jars to be opened- The Canopic jar whose head was that of Imseti, the human-headed god representing the south, contained the Aspect of Divine Strength. Once opened the aspect took on the manifestation of an exceptionally well-muscled Horii. It became clear quickly that this was the Aspect of Divine Strength. The weapon that was capable of defeating it was the blood sacrifice weapon. As there were two of them, the group was able to quickly overcome the greatly weakened Aspect. The attacks of the Horii were physical in nature, using a massive war mace in direct assaults and displacing a massive burst of power.

The second jar to be opened- The Canopic jar whose head was that of Hapi, the baboon-headed god representing the north, contained the Aspect of Corruption. Once opened the aspect took on the manifestation of a swarm of biting black flies. With very little surprise, this Aspect was rapidly identified as the Aspect of Corruption. Although in a severely weakened state, the swarm alternately broke into groups to attack multiple Envoys. It was the weapon purified by flame that was effective against this aspect. Although they only possessed a single weapon properly prepared to fight this aspect, the group with support of arts was able to over come it. Some members of the group were affected by a slowing affectation that hindered their ability to fight the remaining aspects.

The third jar to be opened- The Canopic jar whose head was that of Qebehsenuef, contained the Aspect of Flame. Once opened the aspect took on the manifestation of the great solar disk. The aspect was most certainly the aspect of Flame, and as such possessed two searing attacks that made it exceptionally dangerous. The first of these was a pair of searing light rays that kindled clothing on contact as well as seared flesh. The second aspect was a burst of flame that spread rapidly around the room, attempting to engulf all those present. The Buried ritual weapon, the axe, turned out to be the weapon that was suited to the defeat of this aspect.

The final jar to be opened- The Canopic jar whose head was that of Duamutef, the jackal-headed god representing the east, contained the Aspect of Entropy. Once opened the aspect took on the manifestation of an ancient decaying mummy. This aspect was one of the most difficult to overcome in some respects. It possessed a dangerous touch that immediately destroyed the flesh of the individual touched. Additionally, it seemed to absorb energy, rapidly draining speed and vitality from those affected by this ability. It became apparent that the final weapon, that submerged n holy water was the weapon used to defeat it. Interestingly, only slow and deliberate movement seemed to deal any significant damage to this aspect, even with the specially prepared weapon.

Once defeated, each of the aspects were released and the charms used to hold them in place within the jars became empowered so they could be used in the ritual to restore the Kemet-Ra to his full self.

Act 37: The Ritual of Recombination

Hurriedly, after defeating all four of the aspects, the Envoys made their way by foot through the city to the Alchemists gate and returned to Kemet. Upon their re-emergence into Kemet, they were greeted by a city nearly completely engulfed by sand dunes.

With some difficulty they made their way through the city until they reached the half-buried seat of the Cosmic Court. Upon gaining entry through an upper floor, they were able to located a very weakened and seemingly aged Nyat. With her help they performed the ritual and recombined the Aspects of the Kemet-Ra.

At the moment of recombination, a beam of pure sunlight struck the darkened sounds in the sky, reinvigorating it. At that moment, the serpent of Chaos, Apep was revealed in a flash of light. The creature retreated back into his lair and the balance of the Cosmos was restored. Almost immediately the decay and difficulties that had affected the city began to reverse themselves.

Act 38: Rewards of Service

Once completed, the Envoys were escorted into the presence of the restored Kemet-Ra. There an expression of gratitude was given to them for their assistance. He also offered each of them a reward.

To Oliver, he granted a scroll that would contain the means by which he would be able to reverse the process that was slowing sapping his humanity. He also received the wall that had been located behind the throne.

To Lodewijk, he granted assistance in spiritually cleansing the Theater that ha had acquired earlier that year.

To Liberty, he provided a gem of Cosmic knowledge. By swallowing it, she gained the ability to possibly tap into the knowledge contained in the entire Human world, the lands of Kemet and the Never-Never.

To Tomas, he granted a powerful crusaders blade known as The Beheader. This powerful blade was forged in the blood of holy war during the siege of Tyre.

To Agostino, he granted a magical elixir that would improve the potency of his Thaumaturgy. He was also told that once the elixir was consumed, that from that moment onward his power could be increased by eating the heart of other Thaumaturges.

To Father Fletcher, he granted a holy symbol charm unique to the Kemet. This charm is a potent weapon and tool that can be used against certain types of supernatural enemies.

1936 Season 1



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